Congressional Research Memo, Jack Maskell, April 2009, Constitutional qualifications for presidency, Congressional offices

Congressional Research Memo, Jack Maskell, April 2009, Constitutional qualifications for presidency, Congressional offices

I read the memo below earlier. I have mulled it over and will further analyze the Orwellian “attorney speak” . Without further analysis some things are perfectly clear.

  • Obama is not a natural born citizen by the most consistent definitions, corroborated by the vetting of John McCain and the reference to both of his parents being US Citizens.
  • No documented birth certificate of any kind has been presented by Obama or the Obama camp.
  • Inconsistent COLB’s were posted on various websites and not authenticated.
  • There is no concrete evidence of any sort that Obama was born in Hawaii.
  • Obama has employed private and government attorneys for over two years to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records.

From We the People of the United States November 7, 2010.

“This was the spin that the Members of Congress were given to keep the American electorate at bay and confused in the debate about Obama’s eligibility issues.  All the while, Congress did nothing to investigate the matter in a congressional hearing like they did for similar concerns about John McCain.
We have obtained a copy of the talking points memorandum put out by a lawyer for the Congressional Research Service to the Members of Congress back in April 2009 as to what to tell their constituents when they write to the Members of Congress and ask questions about Obama’s eligibility.
Now we know why all the answers coming back to constituents sounded like they were written by the same person and were full of the same obfuscations and half truths and non-truths.
This copy was obtained via the diligent and persistent efforts of a patriot going by the pen name of “Tom Deacon” who obtained it from a Senator’s office.    Now we know the talking points the DC insiders and politicians have been groomed with to feed to their constituents who have been asking questions about the eligibility issues.”

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