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If you are a voter in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Colorado, Indiana
or anywhere in the US, pay close attention. People clinging to guns and
religion was not the only elitist remark Obama made in San Francisco.
On January 17, 2008, in a San Francisco interview, in another remark
taylored to his elitist followers, Obama stated he would bankrupt the
coal industry. This time, his remarks are not just insulting, they will
lead to more energy dependence and job losses. Once again, in Obama’s own words, he proves how dangerous he would be for the country.


I would like to thank commenter Fae for bringing this to my attention.

Citizen Wells has inside knowledge of clean coal technology that has been implemented in the US for many years. Once again, as in other matters related to the econcomy, taxes and jobs, Obama speaks to his anti American elitist core, telling them what they want to hear, and not from a position of knowledge and what is best for the country.

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