Christians, Jews, believers in God, good citizens,did you know who you supported ?, why did you support this man?

The economy in ruins, you believed this man was
your salvation.

Why did you not read his book?  There were many clues
to his personality and intent.

Why did you not question his mesmerizing speeches, often
aimed at the youth?

Why did you not question his organization
and indoctrination of the youth? You know their minds
are the most malleable.

You sought information or an article but could not
find it because it was removed.

This candidate surrounded himself with those blaming
the jews, spewing anti semitic remarks.

Anyone that questioned this man suffered personal
attacks and some received death threats.

If you had bothered to check you would have known about the
violent connections.

You wanted change, to finally be proud of your country.

Why did you ignore the warning signs? Why were you 
mesmerized by speeches with promises wihout substance?

Christians, Jews, believers in God, responsible citizens,
Why did you suppport this man? Why did you not read his book?
Why did you not ask questions? Why did you allow anti semitic

Why did you think I was referring to Barack Obama and his






I just described Nazi Germany.

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