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Just in from Charles Kerchner, Lead Plaintiff in the Kerchner v Obama lawsuit:

“Charles Kerchner, Lead Plaintiff Kerchner v Obama, explains Obama’s false birth registration in HI is the key to generating all the derivative so called evidence being proffered by Obama, during his appearance on the Bill Cunningham Radio Show, a national talk radio show.

The false registration of Obama’s birth in Hawaii generated all the subsequently displayed and discussed so called evidence, i.e., the newspaper announcement and the newly released index data in the Hawaiian registration system. This radio show was done in early August 2009 but the subject of new information and statements coming out of Hawaii this last week makes this interview relevant and worth re-listening to. All data and statement by and from the Hawaiian Birth Registration office were all based on and premised on what is likely the false REGISTRATION of OBama being born in Hawaii when he was likely born elsewhere since there are no witnesses to his birth in Hawaii, hospital, doctors, or any others. Listen at this link:”

From the YouTube video:

“His grandmother mailed in a form to the birth register in Hawaii, simply stated that Barry was born at home. This way Barry got his citizenship. Later, the birth register printed out registered births for the previous week and sent it to the newspapers. GIGO.

Charles Kerchner, Lead Plaintiff in the Kerchner v Obama & Congress Lawsuit, converts Talk Show Radio Host Bill Cunningham of 700 WLW of Cincinnati, Ohio into a Birther.

Charles Kerchner: “Willie” Cunningham listened to what I had to say and he understood the point I made of how easy it was to fraudulently register a birth as having occured in Hawaii in 1961 and get the birth announcement placed in the paper by the Hawaii Dept of Health, which was routine for all birth registrations, whether truthful and fraudulent registrations by the mother or grandmother. Any birth, real or not, could be done in Hawaii via a mail order form, with no alleged witnesses other than the person signing the form, which was permitted in 1961. I convinced him this needs to be investigated and the original long-form document must be released to document examiners and the public. At the end he said he too was becoming a Birther.””


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