California mystery missile UFO captured in raw footage?, Catalina Island UFO sightings, UFO hunters

California mystery missile UFO captured in raw footage?, Catalina Island UFO sightings, UFO hunters

I have been listening to all of the government denials, theories and ridiculous
comments about the California Mystery Missile being an airplane. It is obvious,
after a brief perusal that this is not an airplane. I finally found a few minutes
and examined the raw footage. What I found amazed me. I do not have any special video analyzing tools or experience, however I can see well and think. I put up a simple video of the just over 5 second segment.
Reported here on November 10, 2010.

“Is our government lying to us again?

I am not saying or implying that a UFO was involved. However, after listening to all the denials, I was reminded of an incident from 1966 off the coast of Catalina Island.”


UFO Hunters has covered this story and other strange occurences happening around Catalina Island.

Read more:

I placed the following comment under that article.

“Interesting hypothesis:
Suppose our sub fired a missle at a UFO.
Thought provoking, eh?”

Here is what I found when I examine the video clip.


The raw video can be viewed here:

A clearer view of the object:


This is starting to look a lot like Roswell.

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