Broaddrick Not Alone Says Clinton Gubernatorial Rival, Sheffield Nelson told that for years he’s known of a woman who alleged that then-Gov. Bill Clinton had raped her, Newsmax February 4, 1999

Broaddrick Not Alone Says Clinton Gubernatorial Rival, Sheffield Nelson told that for years he’s known of a woman who alleged that then-Gov. Bill Clinton had raped her, Newsmax February 4, 1999


The following article can no longer be found at NewsMax. Some of their Archives can only be found on the Wayback Machine.

Since it was scrubbed it is presented in it’s entirety.

From NewsMax February 4, 1999.

“In an exclusive interview late last week, onetime Arkansas gubernatorial candidate Sheffield Nelson told that for years he’s known of a woman who alleged that then-Gov. Bill Clinton had raped her. Nelson refused to identify the victim but did emphasize that the woman, a friend of his wife’s, was not Juanita Broaddrick.
Reached at his Little Rock home on Thursday, Nelson revealed that he had met with Broaddrick and her friend, Phillip Yoakum, at her office in October 1992. Both Yoakum and Nelson were trying to convince Broaddrick to go public with her devastating account of a bruising sexual assault by Clinton 14 years earlier.

Two years before that meeting, Nelson had failed to unseat Clinton in an election that earned the future president his fifth term as governor.

Nelson informed Broaddrick that her unwanted encounter with Clinton was not unique. Still, Nelson told, the other victim “will never come forward.” One source familiar with the meeting revealed that one of the reasons the woman was reluctant to go public about her attack is because she had been drinking heavily when it occurred.

In his 1996 best-selling Clinton biography, “Partners in Power,” Roger Morris reported that “A young woman lawyer in Little Rock” had claimed that then-Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton had “forced himself on her, biting and bruising her.”

Though the attack left her severely traumatized, she kept quiet “for the sake of her own hard-won career and that of her husband.” Author Morris added that the husband confronted Clinton at the 1980 Democratic convention, telling the then-governor, “If you ever approach her again, I’ll kill you.” According to the account, Clinton did not deny the incident but instead “sheepishly apologized and duly promised never to bother her again.”

In a November 1997 interview with this reporter, Morris would not divulge the identity of this woman, with whom he had conducted several face-to-face interviews in 1993 and 1994. Subsequently, Morris has refused to respond to questions about whether this woman is Juanita Broaddrick.

But a source close to Broaddrick told last week that Broaddrick had been apprised of the rape account in Morris’ book and flatly denied ever speaking to the author. Broaddrick does not match the biographical profile offered in Morris’ account. She is not from Little Rock and was never a lawyer. asked Nelson if the woman in Morris’ book was the person who told his wife that she had been assaulted by Clinton. Nelson pointed out that the victim in Morris’ report was apparently married at the time of her alleged Clinton assault. According to Nelson, the victim he knows was not married when the same thing happened to her.

These accounts indicate that Juanita Broaddrick’s 21-year-old ordeal may not be completely uncommon. If Morris has never interviewed her, as she reportedly confirms, then there is a second allegation of forced sex against the former Arkansas attorney general. And, as Sheffield Nelson explained, that second account does not match that of a third woman who has privately claimed she was also raped.

Could there be three assault victims still struggling with the trauma they say was inflicted years ago by a young Bill Clinton?

On Dec. 18, CNBC’s Chris Matthews asked Florida Rep. Tillie Fowler about secret evidence currently sequestered in D.C.’s Gerald Ford Building — evidence that is known to cover Juanita Broaddrick’s allegation.

MATTHEWS: You mean the rape accusation? FOWLER: Those and others.

Up to 20 House members reviewed the confidential material on the Broaddrick case and “others” as they weighed Clinton’s impeachment. Though the precise nature of the Ford Building evidence on Clinton and other possible victims is not known, the material left House members stunned.

Rep. Chris Shays told the New York Times that the material involved allegations of conduct that was “horrific.” Rep. Matt Salmon told the Arizona Republic that what he saw left him “nauseated.” According to Chris Matthews, Rep. Mike Castle was “reduced to tears” after his trip to the Ford Building.

Plainly, the American public is being kept in the dark about evidence against Clinton that goes far beyond anything publicly known about Juanita Broaddrick’s case.”

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