Blagojevich trial, US Justice Department corruption, Defense team makes a point, Justice Dept reveals agenda, Protecting Obama

Blagojevich trial, US Justice Department corruption, Defense team makes a point

US Justice Department corruption

Blagojevich trial

Protecting Obama

Part 3

Defense team makes a point


It was obvious in 2008 that the mainstream media and the US Justice Department were protecting Obama. Citizen Wells called for the indictment of Blagojevich and Obama well before the 2008 elections. I have watched the posturing of the Justice Dept. since the Tony Rezko trial early in 2008. Something smelled bad back then and smelled worse as time progressed. With whistleblowers such as J. Christian Adams and Bartle Bull speaking out we now have confirmation of corruption and racial bias in the US Justice Dept. There were strong indications that the Justice Dept was protecting Obama when Blagojevich was arrested after the 2008 election, when the emphasis was placed on the selling of the senate seat and when a crucial fact, included in the Criminal Complaint and left out of the Indictment occurred. Actions speak louder than words. Now we have another action that helps reveal the agenda of the US Justice Dept.

From the Chicago Tribune July 13, 2010.

“Blagojevich’s lawyers sought to delay the federal corruption trial for at least a week to prepare witnesses for a defense case that they had believed they wouldn’t be presenting until late August at the earliest.

Estimates of a sprawling trial that would last well into the fall have evaporated as the government has streamlined its case.
“At all times since the early stages of pretrial litigation in this case, the government asserted to the defense and the court that the government’s case would last approximately three to four months,” the defense filing said. “The government now indicates it will rest its case after just six weeks.”

Before the trial began early last month, prosecutors had estimated their case against Blagojevich would take at least two months to present. By the end of June, however, they gave Blagojevich’s lawyers a heads up that things were moving at a brisk pace and they expected to rest the government’s case by the end of this week.

Late last week, the timeline was refined further to set Tuesday as the estimated resting date. U.S. District Judge James Zagel told Blagojevich’s lawyers to prepare to launch their side of the case by Wednesday or Thursday at the latest.”

“The defense expects to call Emanuel, Jarrett, Reid and perhaps others to testify about their experience dealing with Blagojevich in fall 2008. That was when the then-governor allegedly bartered with the incoming Obama administration over a possible Jarrett appointment to Obama’s vacated U.S. Senate seat in exchange for a job for Blagojevich in Obama’s Cabinet or as an ambassador.”

Read more:,0,3451354.story

I can’t be the only one paying attention. Who in the hell do they think they are fooling?

Obviously the Blagojevich team is going to play along with focusing on the selling of the senate seat. It is more subject to interpretation. A deal has been struck. Who crafted this deal?

Obviously the prosecution is ending far sooner than projected. They have not called Tony Rezko, Stuart Levine or a host of other corruption figures. The defense team just helped me make one of my arguments. I have warned about this for many months. Some of these warnings happened just before the trial started.

Citizen Wells May 17, 2010.

“We now know with a 100% certainty that the “high-ranking state official” is Rod Blagojevich. The feds knew it then.

These questions beg for an answer and we deserve one.
Why wasn’t Rod Blagojevich indicted soon after the Rezko trial ended in June 2008? He was wreaking havoc on the citizens of Illinois.
Why was the arrest of Blagojevich delayed until December 2008, after the 2008 elections?
Why was prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald given this assignment by Barack Obama?”

“In February 2009 we learned

“US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, who brought criminal fraud charges against former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, will stay on with the Obama administration, reports Pete Williams at NBC.””

“July 30,  2009, we discover

“Patrick Fitzgerald, the top prosecutor in Illinois’ Northern District, has been named interim chairman of the Attorney General’s Advisory Committee of U.S. Attorneys (AGAC).
In his new role, Fitzgerald will be the lead voice for the U.S. attorney community. It’s the latest high-profile assignment for America’s prosecutor, who has been busy overseeing the prosecution of Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D), bringing down mortgage fraudsters, and fighting with journalists.”””

“Why was the above left out of the Indictment?

Why is this not being shouted from the rooftops?
“At the relevant time period, the Planning Board consisted of nine individuals.”

The following sentence is one of the clearest connections of Obama to the rigging of the Planning Board. Obama was chairman of the IL Senate committee that changed the number of members from 15 to 9.”

Read more

More details to come.

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