Blagojevich trial, Obama camp, Huffington Post, Orwellian efforts to defend Blagojevich and Obama, Obama paid bloggers spread disinformation, Attempts to discreit prosecution

Blagojevich trial, Obama camp, Huffington Post, Orwellian efforts

“And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed
–if all records told the same tale–then the lie passed into
history and became truth. “Who controls the past,” ran the
Party slogan, “controls the future: who controls the present
controls the past.”…George Orwell, “1984″


I performed a Google search on ” blagojevich trial day 1″ this morning and got the following results:

The Sum of Its Parts Is Not Greater Than …‎ – 2 hours ago

“The defense asked for a 30-day delay of trial, in anticipation of the Supreme Court’s “honest services” rulings on July 1. The judge denied the one-month …
Huffington Post (blog)”

“Blagojevich trial coverage, Day 1, June 3, 2010, Jury selection …Jun 2, 2010 … 1 Comment for “Blagojevich trial coverage, Day 1, June 3, 2010, Jury selection, Judge James Zagel, Blagojevich attorneys Michael Ettinger ……/blagojevich-trial-coverage-day-1-june-3-2010-jury-selection-judge-james-zagel-blagojevich-attorneys-michael-etti… – 14 hours ago”

“The Rod Blagojevich Trial: Battle Over Wiretap Tapes Will Shape …Jun 2, 2010 … The feds will use Blagojevich’s own voice caught on wiretap tapes in an effort to convict him. … June 01, 2010 | 1 day ago ……/the-rod-blagojevich-trial-battle-over-wiretap-tapes-will-shape/ – 8 hours ago”

“Tamara N. Holder: The Blagojevich Trial: The Sum of Its Parts Is …Jun 3, 2010 … Rod Blagojevich goes to trial today. By now, you know who he is: the … 1. Eight (8) of the Government’s potential witnesses have been convicted … The defense asked for a 30-day delay of trial, in anticipation of the ……/the-blagojevich-trial-the_b_598749.html – 4 hours ago”

I, of course, was pleased to find the Citizen Wells article positioned as number 2 on this search.

I, of course, was not surprised to find the Huffington Post article listed at number 1.

The Huffington Post has far more resources.

I am not receiving a lot of money from Obama.

I am not receiving free advertising from Obama.

Reported here May 25, 2010.

“In 2008, the Obama Campaign used a great deal of money from undocumented donors, a legion of paid bloggers, internet thugs and a complicit press to spin their Orwellian lies. The Obama Campaign paid The Huffington Post $ 55,354 in 2008. That of course is what was reported to the FEC and  is the tip of the iceberg. I have heard Obama refer to The Huffington Post on several occasions. The last time was the last straw. The Citizen Wells blog has written about The Huffington Post acting as an arm of the Obama camp to smear opposition to Obama. You can expect more.
Listen to the following Obama speech, if you can stomach it. He mentions The Huffington Post at around 1 minute 57 seconds. The speech is cleverly (in the wicked sense) written. It mixes truths, half truths and lies.”

Read more

Here are some exerpts from the Huffington Post article. read the entire article and let me know what you think.

“The Blagojevich Trial: The Sum of Its Parts Is Not Greater Than The Whole”

“Rod Blagojevich goes to trial today. By now, you know who he is: the self-proclaimed “blacker than Barack Obama”, former Illinois Governor, well-known for his perfectly coiffed hair, nylon jogging suits and FBI-recorded potty mouth.

The information in this case is overwhelming — that is why I am shocked that Blagojevich is required to begin trial just a year and a half after his arrest. Keep in mind, his attorneys’ (led by the fabulous father-son team, both named Sam Adam) last big victory was the case of R & B singer, R. Kelly. In that case, the Adams had six, I repeat six, years to prepare for trial in a criminal case that hinged mainly on a single piece of evidence: a videotape.

Let me make this short and sweet: I am truly baffled that the defense was barred from so much and that the trial is going today. Here are some key points to keep in mind during the biggest circus in the nation…

1. Eight (8) of the Government’s potential witnesses have been convicted of major federal crimes, yet they have not been sentenced. (Stuart Levine pleaded guilty in July 2009, yet he remains to be sentenced; also, John Harris, Tony Rezko and 5 others await sentencing.) Christopher Kelly’s suicide is off limits for the defense too. (He was a co-defendant and close friend of Blago.)

2. The yet-to-be-sentenced witnesses have an incentive to tell the jury what the Government wants. Not until after these people testify will the Government determine the quality of and “truthfulness” of the person’s testimony in its decision to recommend a favorable sentence for their own crimes.

3. Government witness Stuart Levine’s drug abuse is not allowed before the jury, even though he admitted to abusing Ketamine, a horse tranquilizer, among other illegal drugs. How can the jury not consider one’s zombie-like state-of-mind when determining whether he is a credible witness? (A judge in the same court found that such evidence was “fair game” yet Judge Zagel ruled it inadmissible!)

4. Stuart Levine says he’s been committing crimes since 1972, yet the defense cannot impeach him by asking about his lengthy criminal past. A tranquilized criminal. Lovely.”

Read more:

At first, with much incredulity, I thought this had to be satire. I read it again. The author is apparently serious!

Correct me if I am wrong, but this appears to be an effort to discredit the prosecution of Rod Blagojevich and consequently Barack Obama.

If you are as disgusted as I am by this attempt to cover for Obama, spread this fertilizer far and wide.

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