Barack Obama born in Kenya, API, Obama born in Mombasa, African Press International, We can now confirm that Mr Barack Hussein Obama, the US President-Elect was born in Mombasa, Kenya

API, African Press International, has a new article up stating they are confirming Obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya. I am neither confirming or denying the contents of this story as written. However, I am certain that Barack Obama was born in Kenya. Here are some exerpts:

“Charmed his way to the Presidency: API asks Barack Obama born in Mombasa to a Kenyan National to come clean on the citizenship issue.
Posted by africanpress on November 6, 2008

We can now confirm that Mr Barack Hussein Obama, the US President-Elect was born in Mombasa, Kenya. Charming his way to the US Presidency, Mr Obama made it. Now is the time to come clean about his birth place and citizenship by birth. This thing will not go away, he has to deal with it now so that the people suing him may leave him to concentrate in politics. The American people has the right to know his real identity. Probably they will forgive and let him govern. If they were to remove him, it is now known fact that it is possible for a black man to conquer America. You have made your point. Now tell them the truth. Obama must remember that if he does not do it, the truth will be revealed by others and the Michelle Obama tape also says a lot.

Remember if he does not do it now, people will not allow him to be in peace. There will always be lawsuits here and there in many States and that will disturb him and his administration. Some States that did not vote for him may decide to boycott his adminstration and some may decide to ignore his orders and revolt declaring themselves independent States during his presidency, only to return to the Union after his time is over in The White House – or “The Black House” – if he decides to bring change there also, now that he has said he will change everything in Washington.

Fear has forced many people not to talk about things they know. People have been silenced corruptly in order not speak out on this issue just because there was an outcry before the elections to conquer America. Yes, to get the first Muslim black man to lead the only super power in the world was given priority.”

“Barack Obama, a good son of Africa was born in Mombasa, Kenya where his late father and mother were on holiday. While on holiday in Kenya having returned from the US where he was studying, Obama’s father, after he had introduced his wife to his Kenyan family in Nyanza Province, the couple decided to visit Mombasa, the Coastal town of Kenya, a popular holiday spot before they were to return to the US. Obama’s father visited the town the same week Mombasa Muslims had a week long Muslim festivities. Obama was born earlier than expected. While in Mombasa enjoying the Muslim festivities, the couple were exposed to gruelling Mombasa heat.

For a pregnant woman, that heat made her very uncomfortable. The only thing to help cool the heat penetrating into her body was to swim as often as possible at the popular Mombasa tourist beach, where most tourists relax when in Mombasa. It was good for her to swim away the heat but the unexpected happened due to that swim. The swim caused early labor forcing an abrupt birth of Barack Obama. He was immediately blessed by the Imam who was leading the festivities and given the name Hussein.

What the senior Obama and his wife did not know was that the coastal heat would cause early labor forcing the birth of their son Barack. They decided to cancel their trip back to the US and stayed in Kenya for a long period of time.

On their return to the US the couple settled down but it was not long before their marriage collapsed. When Obama’s mother found herself alone and bringing up a mixed child during the time it was not popular for a white woman to bear a mixed child in the US, she chose to get an Indonesian man to give her comfort.

The man took her back to her country, Indonesia and Obama remained with his grandmother in the US. A mother is a mother and it was not different with Obama’s mother – she longed for her son and asked for him to join her in Indonesia.

The young Obama had to go to school and the easiest way to do so was to be adopted by his stepfather. When he was adopted his Kenyan citizenship was not changed. His name “Hussein” helped him to get along in Indonesia. Kenya does not allow dual citizenship and all children born to a Kenyan man in Kenya and also in some foreign countries automatically get the Kenyan citizenship.”

The American Constitution does not allow a foreign born individual to become the President, but in this case, many Americans were charmed by Obama and they decided to ignore the Constitution this time around. This election now opens the door to all naturalized Americans to seek for the highest office in the land in future elections

Obama’s presidency will have to give priority to change constitution immediately to enable Obama to govern the country legally and become the Commander-in-Chief of the US Armed Forces.

Luck is on Obama’s side. The Democrats are in the majority led by Pelosi and making changes to the Constitution will sail through easily in the house.”

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