Author’s Note on Danny Williams Report, Danny Williams Bill Clinton’s son?, Danny’s mother and aunt Lucille Bolton passed polygraph examinations, Clinton never challenged truthfulness of reports claiming Danny Williams is his son, Newsmax November 2, 1998

Author’s Note on Danny Williams Report, Danny Williams Bill Clinton’s son?, Danny’s mother and aunt Lucille Bolton passed polygraph examinations, Clinton never challenged truthfulness of reports claiming Danny Williams is his son, Newsmax November 2, 1998


The following article can no longer be found at NewsMax. Some of their Archives can only be found on the Wayback Machine.

Since it was scrubbed it is presented in it’s entirety.

From NewsMax Newsmax November 2, 1998.

“Author’s Note on Danny Williams Report”

“In September, Salon Magazine exposed a 30 year old affair between House Judiciary Chairman Henry Hyde and private citizen Cherie Snodgrass. Although considered highly controversial by most journalists and irrelevant by some, the Hyde bombshell was carried by every major news outlet in America. With this report on President Clinton’s reputed son, expects to be criticized for straying into the same questionable territory. But there are important differences between Salon’s Hyde scoop and the report we now bring our readers about Danny Williams.

First, NewsMax is not “breaking” this story. This is a follow-up report on news first published in Globe Magazine more than six years ago. That news was a sensational story about a presidential candidate who had in 1984 allegedly cavorted with a hometown prostitute and sired a son.

The events portrayed by Globe were not from the ancient past – but took place seven years prior to their report. Globe backed up its story by subjecting Danny’s mother to multiple polygraph examinations. They did the same with the subject of our interview, Lucille Bolton, Danny’s aunt. Both passed.

Nevertheless, the mainstream press has pretended throughout Mr. Clinton’s presidency that Danny Williams is some kind of a mythical character who exists only in the minds of so-called Clinton haters. That’s simply not the case.

The primary source for Salon’s report on Hyde was Fred Snodgrass, a disgruntled ex-husband who claims his wife’s affair destroyed their marriage. In all the subsequent reports on Hyde’s dalliance with Mrs. Snodgrass, we could find just one direct quote from her. Just days after the story broke, Cherie Snodgrass told the New York Daily News – “This is crazy. It was years ago.” This is hardly the statement of a woman anxious to come forward and get her story – whatever it really is – on the record.

In contrast, was told by a source in a position to know that both Danny and the woman currently caring for him are interested in setting the record straight.

Like Salon, did not interview the principals involved for this report; in this case, Danny and his mother, Bobbie Ann Williams. But if anything, our primary source, Danny’s aunt Lucille Bolton, is closer to both of the principals than Mr. Snodgrass was to his ex-wife at the time he went public. In a tape recorded interview, Lucille Bolton told that she remains in regular contact with Danny’s mother and had in fact spoken to her just the day before our 25 minute conversation took place.

Moreover, for years Bolton was the child’s principal guardian. In other words, by the standard of evidence applied by the mainstream press to Henry Hyde’s indiscretion – the Danny Williams story is eminently reportable.

The journalistic merit of the Danny Williams story also compares favorably with the recent report regarding Rep. Dan Burton, head of the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, which is now investigating Clinton’s Chinese money connection. The Indianapolis Star garnered national headlines with their own investigative report outing Burton, who was compelled to confess that he had fathered an illegitimate son some 18 years ago after that paper began rummaging through his dirty linen.

But what made that report seem like little more than politically inspired scandalmongering was the fact that Burton, with the exception of his illicit relationship with the woman in question, had conducted himself admirably in every other relevant aspect. He owned up to his adultery – both to his wife and the nation. And more importantly, he did not abandon his out of wedlock son. Instead Burton made regular financial contributions to insure the boy’s material well being. Lucille Bolton’s allegations suggest Mr. Clinton is a world class deadbeat dad.

The Salon and Indianapolis Star reports were stronger in one regard. Hyde tacitly admitted the story about him was true (though he did not explicitly acknowledge having sex with Mrs. Snodgrass). And Burton expressly confirmed the truth about his own long kept secret.

Still, Mr. Clinton has never personally challenged the truthfulness of reports that claim Danny Williams is his son. Indeed, as notes, not even his press secretary would publicly deny the story back in 1992.

That said; there are a few other pertinent factors that need addressing.

For instance, did not pay its source for her account. In an interview with the Daily News the day after the Hyde story broke, Salon editor David Talbot confessed that Fred Snodgrass had been rewarded with “a modest fee” for two photographs of Mrs. Snodgrass in Hyde’s company.

And finally, unlike Salon, has no suspect affiliations with those in political power. Newt Gingrich has not endorsed us, the way Mr. Clinton did Salon during last April’s White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

We have no connection to any counterpart of Sidney Blumenthal, who, by several accounts, regularly feeds the press the latest dirt on Mr. Clinton’s opponents from his perch at the White House. And has no access to information from confidential files maintained by the government, as has been credibly alleged against several reporters writing in Mr. Clinton’s defense. sifted through no one’s trash and staked out no one’s home, wiretapped nobody’s phone nor peeked into anyone’s FBI file. Our Danny Williams story was obtained with a simple single phone call. It was a story that could have been gotten by any reporter willing to make an effort.

They didn’t. did.”

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