Arpaio News Conference March 31, 2012, Obama birth certificate and selective service registration card, Forgeries and fraud, Investigation continues

Arpaio News Conference March 31, 2012, Obama birth certificate and selective service registration card, Forgeries and fraud, Investigation continues

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells

“Why is Obama now employing private attorneys to keep his name on state ballots, despite compelling evidence that he is not a natural born citizen?…Citizen Wells

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”…Jesus, John 8:32

From Western Journalism March 31, 2012.

“Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo presented to the general public some of the results of their investigation into the online birth certificate and selective service registration card of Barack Obama. Most of the event was comprised of information that has already been released in earlier press conferences, but not widely reported on by the mainstream media, out of fear of ridicule, or perhaps fear of sanctions by the federal government.”
“A petition was circulated at the event requesting the Arizona State Legislature, in conjunction with Secretary of State Ken Bennett’s office, to take action and pass a specific resolution.
This resolution asks the Democratic National Committee to provide documentation validating Obama’s placement on the Arizona 2012 ballot. This documentation must be satisfactory to Sheriff Arpaio and the Cold Case Posse, the Arizona Legislature, and the Arizona Secretary of State’s office. If you are a citizen of the state of Arizona and would be interested in signing this petition, you can do so here.

Mr. Zullo, who has volunteered his time and efforts for the past six months without pay, then took some time to present the preliminary results of the investigation. He presented the videos from the original press conference, and commented between each video. Throughout this presentation, the crowd was responsive, often gasping at certain moments in the videos, and clapping at the end of each video.

After this presentation, Mr. Zullo revealed various updates on the continuing investigation. He hinted about new analysis of the typesetting of the online birth certificate. According to Zullo, the word spacing and typewriter fonts on Obama’s birth certificate are uneven, suggesting the use of multiple typewriters, and consequently, cutting and pasting from various original documents. In addition, he said that the team is looking into the numbers listed on the online document, suggesting that the numbers are out of sequence with other birth certificates released around the same purported time of Barack Obama’s birth. Zullo informed the audience that five experts, in various professions, were working on these further investigations. Mr. Zullo concluded that his team would continue the investigation and that “we won’t quit until it is finished.”

The topic then shifted from the birth certificate to Obama’s selective service card. Sheriff Joe sent a letter to the Selective Service feds conveying his concerns. In response, he was told that nothing was wrong and that if he had a reason to inquire further, he should get in touch with the FBI. For background of the investigation into Obama’s selective service card, watch this video. According to Zullo, the sheriff will continue to pursue this matter with the selective service authorities.

After presenting this information, Zullo opened up the conference to questions from the audience. When asked who could be behind a conspiracy of this magnitude, he admitted that they do not yet know exactly who is behind this conspiracy. When asked if George Soros was behind it, Zullo seemed to admit the possibility. Zullo was also asked if the team would go to other states to testify at various court challenges to Obama’s eligibility for the ballot; he answered that they would not as they wish to focus strictly on their investigation. In response to a question about the “African” designation on the online birth certificate, Zullo answered that they would likely not pursue that in depth, as he wants to make sure that this investigation is not about race. He insisted that, contrary to claims by the liberal media, this is not about race or even political party; if a Republican’s citizenship were questioned, Zullo (a Republican by self-admission) says that he would probably push even harder in investigating that matter. In response to questions about a purported Kenyan Birth Certificate, as well as a video making the rounds that seems to show Obama telling an audience he is from Kenya, Zullo made clear that both were fabricated and both distracted from real issues in Barack Obama’s eligibility.

Mr. Zullo said that it is possible there will be another press conference in the near future, possibly with a round table of the experts. He admitted that the scope of the investigation is increasing, even spreading internationally. Although a lot of this information is mind-numbing, he said, there is no doubt that we have a forgery on our hands. The team is on the hunt for those who committed the forgery, Mr. Zullo said, and that they “have some pretty good ideas” about who committed the forgery. He admitted that he is doing all of this work for his country, his family, and his children.”


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