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The AmericaMustKnow website will not be providing updates. Here is a statement from the site:

“Sorry, I’m bowing out
As of 8:00 AM 12/4/08, I can no longer update this website due to the time demands it has imposed on me and my family.  I believe this is a worthy cause, and I hope that some person will carry the torch.  I’m getting over 2,500 new visitors a day now.  Thank you so much to those that have helped me.  Press on, it won’t be very long!”
TheRightSideOfLife website will be maintaining the list of lawsuits formally maintained by AmericaMustKnow.

From AmericaMustKnow website, What can I do?

#1, Pray!
#2, Do Something!
Faith without works is DEAD!
 Sign Petitions

These are the two largest petitions so far:

Sign them both.  The Rally Congress web site will also send emails to members of the House of Representatives and the Senate.




Contact State and Federal Elected Representatives

Secretary of State and State Governors are usually involved in the validating of the votes of the electors.  They need to know people are concerned.

  1. 877-851-6437 (Congressional Switch Board)



Contact Electors

Contact your Electors that will cast their vote on December 15th.  Check this out.  Democratic-Disaster is heading up an organized means to contact them, but you should still strongly consider mailing a personal letter regarding your interests in the matter





Contact the Media

  1. Ask Fox Toledo to run a Follow up on the Berg case they covered on television on 10/13.
Contact Secretaries of State and Governors



Contact your United States Supreme Court Justices


Now is the time to act!

If you are seriously considering legal action in your state, I would contact Dr. Orly Taitz if I were you.  Several people have asked me and this is where I’ve pointed them.  She is in touch with several attorneys across the nation and there are several more cases in the works right now.  She’s very busy.  Don’t contact her unless you’re serious about doing something.  You can reach her on her blog at










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