ALIPAC Endorses Scott Brown for US Senate, Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee, January 13, 2010,Illegal immigration, Martha Coakley supports for Amnesty for illegal aliens

From, January 13, 2010.

“ALIPAC Endorses Scott Brown for US Senate”

“Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee (ALIPAC) is endorsing Scott Brown for US Senate today due to his campaign’s focus on the issue of the illegal immigration and his opponent Martha Coakley’s support for Amnesty for illegal aliens.
ALIPAC is one of the nation’s largest multi-ethnic and non-partisan grassroots organizations dedicated to opposing illegal immigration and amnesty for illegals, while supporting the enforcement of America’s existing immigration laws and borders.
“Scott Brown has publicly stated he opposes Amnesty for illegal aliens while Coakley has state she supports Amnesty,” said William Gheen President of ALIPAC. “His vote in opposition to Amnesty will be needed in a few weeks as President Obama, with Democrats in the Senate and House, and a handful of misguided Republicans attempt to pass new Amnesty legislation.”
Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty legislation was defeated in 2006 and 2007 due to massive public opposition, which collapsed the Washington, DC phone systems connected to the offices of lawmakers. Certified scientific polls continue to show that 66-80% of Americans support immigration enforcement, instead of a “path to citizenship” for illegal aliens.
Amnesty legislation was filed in the US House on December 12, with 91 Democrat cosponsors lead by Congressman Luis Gutierrez supporting the bill. The legislation would legalize over 12 million illegal aliens currently in the US, increase current hyper legal immigration levels, and turn immigration regulating efforts over to big business. Democrats in the US Senate are working with a few Republicans in an attempt to file similar legislation in the Senate this month.
Scott Brown’s Democratic opponent, Martha Coakley, has clearly stated she supports Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty.”

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