Alan Grayson Town Hall Meeting, Orlando Florida, August 17, 2009, Congressman Alan Grayson, Obama health care, He's stacked the deck, 30 non supporters allowed in

Here is another example of a so called town hall meeting regarding Obama’s health care bill. This one was in Orlando FL on August 17, 2009.

“Here’ the bottom line: It was stacked against the citizens of the 8th Congressional District. There were 126 seats in the room. They let in 31 people. The rest were stacked with people who were in a previous Democrat meeting. I was embarrassed to be in the room. I’m a Vietnam Veteran, there were World War II veterans in wheelchairs outside who didn’t get in. A lot of Democrats were allowed in, and a lot of pro-Grayson people allowed in the back door. It was (shaking head)… I was ashamed. We thought it was going to be a real Town Hall. It wasn’t. Ninety-five of 126 seats were already taken. Shame on him. Shame on him.
If the Democrats think they are going to benefit from behavior like this, they are going to be sadly mistaken come election day 2010.”

Ashley,  August 17, 2009 11:46 PM  
I was outside this town hall, and I believe that it was definitely held under unfair circumstances.

Alan Grayson was able to hold a town hall meeting on short notice, and directly after a meeting (I heard it was a Union meeting, but I could be wrong) of local Democrats. Not to mention the fact that the building only had about 125 seats, in contrast to some 300,000 voters whom Alan Grayson represents.

This seems absolutely ridiculous to me. I can confirm the fact that only about 30 of the ‘regular people’ with tickets got let into the meeting. I watched a few selected people go in through back and side doors, and of course a few of the representatives of the media walk in through the parking lot.

The other few hundred of us were left to wait outside to see if there may be a chance of the door opening one more time to the public. This was supposedly a public meeting, and yet only 30 people from the group outside got let in. If you had been outside the building, you’d have seen that the majority of the people there were protesting the bill. Of course, there were those who were there to provide a counterargument for the protesters, but their numbers were scarce in comparison to the amount of people in opposition to the bill.

However, despite the fact that the protesters were the obvious majority of the attendees, I later read that the majority of the people inside the meeting were actually supporters of Rep. Grayson. How does that work out? The only answer I can think of is that Grayson and company “stacked the deck”, to put it in the words of a protester outside the meeting.

I’m only sixteen years old, but I think I can read enough into this to figure out that something’s not right.”

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From the Orlando Sentinel:

“The hastily-called meeting was held in a relatively small union hall which limited attendance to about 120 or so members of the public. But it was held just after a regular meeting of local Democrats, some of whom stayed behind for the town hall in the scarce seats.

Outside the union hall, a frustrated crowd of hundreds of people who could not get into the hall waved signs and chanted simultaneously for and against health care.

There were so many different chants that they were unintelligible. At one point, Andy Showen, 49, of Orlando, angry he couldn’t get in, pulled on a side door until police officers stopped him.

“You’re a real hero,” he told an officer. “You just stopped me from talking to my congressman.” ”

“Others were more frustrated.

“I’ve given up,” said Carmen Simeone, a 60-year old general contractor, who opted just to protest outside. “I understand what’s going  on. He’s stacked the deck.””

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“Alan Grayson Town Hall Meeting – Orlando, FL – 8.17.09

This is video I shot at Congressman Alan Grayson’s Town Hall Meeting in Orlando, FL on 8/17/09. Mustering every bit of cowardice that he could, the Congressman announced the meeting just 24 hours before it was to take place. It was held at a Union Hall. The hall seats about 125 people. Just prior to the Town Hall meeting there was a Democrat meeting of some kind. Those in attendance remained for the Town Hall, thereby leaving room for only 30 or so other people who had come to attend. So, the room was stacked heavily. Listen to a Vietnam Vet (one of those who got in) describe it.

The mainstream media is reporting that Grayson’s supporters outnumbered protesters, however this is is simply not true. My estimate is that about 20% of the people there were in support, the rest were in protest. Of course, inside the building things weighed in his favor, due to the aforementioned pre-loaded room.”



This Town Hall is a Joke
Monday, August 17, 2009
7:45 P.M.
IBEW Local 606 Union Hall
820 Virginia Drive
Orlando, Florida 32803”



Congressman Alan Grayson will be added to our new Congress Watch efforts as we evaluate and monitor all in congress prior to the 2010 elections.

Thanks to commenter Patriot Dreamer for the info.

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