James Carville: Ruddy is Number One “Antagonist” of Clinton White House, Sworn deposition for Judicial Watch suit against White House, Joseph Farah: proves they are very worried about his reporting, Newsmax March 31, 1998


James Carville: Ruddy is Number One “Antagonist” of Clinton White House, Sworn deposition for Judicial Watch suit against White House, Joseph Farah: proves they are very worried about his reporting, Newsmax  March 31, 1998


The following article can no longer be found at NewsMax. Some of their Archives can only be found on the Wayback Machine.

Since it was scrubbed it is presented in it’s entirety.

From NewsMax March 31, 1998.

“James Carville: Ruddy is Number One “Antagonist” of Clinton White House”

“Clinton confidante James Carville says reporter Christopher Ruddy is the White House’s most antagonistic enemy in the press.

Carville made the revealing claim in a sworn deposition he gave to Judicial Watch which has filed suit against the White House for tampering with confidential FBI files.

During his March 16 deposition, Judicial Watch chief counsel Larry Klayman asked Carville to identify who in the journalistic community was “the most antagonistic towards the administration.”

Carville unhesitatingly replied, “Christopher Ruddy.”

Klayman asked Carville to list five journalists the White House hates the most. Carville rattled off four names from the enemies list. 1. Christopher Ruddy 2. Wesley Pruden, editor of the Washington Times 3. CNN Crossfire Host Pat Buchanan and 4. John Fund editorial writer for the Wall Street Journal.

The Washington Times reported yesterday that in a separate deposition to Judicial Watch, former White House aide George Stephanopoulos singled out Christopher Ruddy and John Fund for criticism. He said both were “dishonest” and described Ruddy as “crazy, I think.”

These comments by White House insiders follow a pattern set by Presidential spokesman Mike McCurry who earlier this year told CNN and the Washington Post that reporter Ruddy was the number one enemy of the White House in the press.

Christopher Ruddy is a correspondent for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, author of “The Strange Death of Vincent Foster” and an associate with the Western Journalism Center.

“The comments by Carville and others close to the Clintons about Ruddy proves they are very worried about his reporting,” Joseph Farah said. Farah heads the Western Journalism Center, an organization that supports investigative reporting, including Ruddy’s reporting into the suspicious deaths of Vincent Foster and Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown.

“This White House has engaged in a long term effort to discredit and smear Mr. Ruddy. It is also clear that despite the Lewinsky and Zippergate scandals-matters Ruddy has not touched-the White House is still panicking over the implications of Ruddy’s reports on Foster and Brown and are fearful the American people will come to realize the serious abuse of power that has taken place in these cases,” Farah said.



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