Hillary’s Greed Covered Up by Press Before Election, NewsMax March 19, 2001, Mainstream press kept Hillary’s record for using taxpayer resources to feather her own nest a secret during last year’s election campaign

Hillary's Greed Covered Up by Press Before Election, NewsMax March 19, 2001, Mainstream press kept Hillary's
record for using taxpayer resources to feather her own nest a secret during last year's election campaign


The following article can no longer be found at NewsMax. Apparently their archives only go back to 2007.

Since it was scrubbed it is presented in it’s entirety.

From NewsMax March 19, 2001.

"Hillary's Greed Covered Up by Press Before Election
It's too bad that the mainstream press kept Hillary Clinton's
record for using taxpayer resources to feather her own nest a
secret from New Yorkers during last year's election campaign.

 After she was safely ensconced in her U.S. Senate seat, the dam
broke on Mrs. Clinton's financial gluttoney, much to the surprise
of New York voters, if not NewsMax.com readers.

 First came the reports that New York's new senator had snagged
an $8 million book deal - a blatant conflict of interest given
that the Senate has regulatory power over her publisher's parent

 Then America learned that Hillary had solicited friends through
a furniture fund of sort, whereby donors could buy her all sorts
of pricey goods through a bridal-like registery at her favorite
department store. (Denise Rich donated a $7,000 couch.)

 Next came news that the sticky-fingered first lady had made off
with all sorts of furnishings when she departed the White House -
pieces donated by folks who thought they were helping to
redecorate "The People's House."

 What a shame none of this news broke before New Yorkers
installed Hillary in the Senate, where she's keeping up the fine
family tradition of cashing in at every turn.

 Today New Yorkers awoke to discover they'll be picking up the
cool half-million-dollar annual tab for Mrs. Clinton's Manhattan
Senate office, which makes it the most expensive congressional
digs in the country.

"She's like royalty. She's the ex-president's wife. She lived in
the White House for eight years, for crying out loud," one real
estate agent told the New York Post, which first reported Mrs.
Clinton's gold-plated rental. (See the full Post report on
NewsMax.com's main page.)

 Looking back, wouldn't it have been nice if a reporter or two
had spent a moment before the election revisiting Cattlegate -
just so New Yorkers might have had a clue as to what they were
getting themselves into.

 Would it have been too much to ask of the journalists Mrs.
Clinton deigned to speak to that they inquire about the lies she
told in 1994, regarding that scandal, in a press conference where
she claimed to have turned $1,000 into $100,000 by reading the
Wall Street Journal?

 Or how about a story that foreshadowed in spades Mrs. Clinton's
cavalier attitude toward the hard-earned money of New York

When NewsMax revisted reports nine months before the election
that Hillary had personally bilked New Yorkers out of $100,000 in
education funds way back in 1991, the establishment press kept
obediently silent.

 Personal entreaties to newspaper editors went nowhere, despite
the fact that some of their own reporters had broken the story in
1994 and covered it again in 1996, when New York governor George
Pataki launched an official investigation.

 How unfortunate that New York voters weren't told how Hillary
aced a sweetheart deal 10 years ago that allowed her to collect
$8,000 a month from the state's taxpayers, courtesy of a
bureacratic boondoggle created by New York's then-Democratic
governor Mario Cuomo.

 It was called "The National Center on Education and the Economy"
and Hillary milked it for all she could until her husband
announced he was seeking the White House.

 Investigators never did figure out just what Sen. Clinton did
for all that money. There were no time sheets or any other record
of her labors. Unless you count travel expenses, for which she
was reimbursed an additional $11,000.

 Perhaps the establishment press thought it would be unfair to
report this sort of thing before the election - lest Americans
get the impression their first lady was, well, a money-obsessed,
greedy gold digger with a sense of entitlement Queen Victoria
would have envied.

 Better New York voters learn that now, when it's too late."


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