Obama religious beliefs, Narcissism, John Hammer Rhino Times calls Obama Chreaster, Narcissist Obama influenced by Muslims, secular humanists, radicals

Obama religious beliefs, Narcissism, John Hammer Rhino Times calls Obama Chreaster, Narcissist Obama influenced by Muslims, secular humanists, radicals

From John Hammer of the Rhino (Rhinoceros) Times, December 15, 2011.

“Some people have questioned President Obama’s religious beliefs.

He was not raised in a Christian household, his mother was reportedly an agnostic or a secular humanist, both his father and his stepfather were Muslims, and as a boy Obama attended both Muslim and Catholic schools. Obama professed to be a devout Christian when running for president, but when the teachings of his mentor and pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the man who Obama credited with bringing him to Christ, were revealed as being racist and anti-American, Obama was quick to denounce his old friend.

Obama claimed to have regularly attended Wright’s church for years but was unaware that Wright said things like “God Bless America. No, no, no, God damn America.” When his racist anti-American teachings were made public, Obama dropped Wright like a hot potato.

However, there is strong evidence that although Obama claimed to be a faithful member of Wright’s church he was not, because he and his wife donated nearly nothing to the church. They were making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and then millions, and yet they gave almost nothing to the church they claimed to regularly attend.

Since then the most powerful man in the free world has not been able to find a church to his liking. But we now know what denomination he is. Obama is a Chreaster. There are a tremendous number of Chreasters, people who attend church at Christmas and Easter. Obama drug his family along to church on Sunday and the last time they all went to church, publicly, was Easter.

Obama may hold private prayer meetings in the White House every day and there is a chapel at Camp David where services can be held. But as far as we know there is no chapel on the golf courses at Andrews Air Force Base where Obama spends most of his Sundays.

It seems that when Obama does go to church he likes to make a big show of it, which is what he did last Sunday.”

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I agree with Rush Limbaugh. Why would Obama need to attend church. Every time he stands in front of a mirror he is worshipping himself.

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