Thursday, January 14th, 2010


Citizen Wells letter to citizens of MA, The shot heard round the world, Scott Brown, Big government tyranny, NC and MA common bond, thirteen original colonies, American Revolution, Lives Fortunes and Sacred Honor

To: The citizens of Massachusetts From: Citizen Wells, citizens of NC and citizens of America. Massachusetts and North Carolina were 2 of the thirteen original colonies. We share common ancestry, common roots in the formation of this country and common bonds that continue to this day. My ancestors, English, Scots/Irish and German were living in NC prior to the American Revolution. When word of “the shot heard round the world” from Concord, MA reached the good people of NC, they were outraged. In August 14, 1775, they responded. My ancestor,Read More

Scott Brown, Boston Herald poll, January 14, 2010, If Scott Brown pulls an upset in the U.S. Senate race, how should his swearing-in proceed?, 47% Get it done by January 20

From the Boston Herald, January 14, 2010, at approx 1:00 PM EST. “If Scott Brown pulls an upset in the U.S. Senate race, how should his swearing-in proceed?” 14% – Wait 10 days for the votes to be certified 36% – Bypass it all and swear him in right away 3% – Wait for certification until Feb. 20, to be safe 47% – Get it done by the Jan. 20 U.S. Senate session Total Votes: 17,593 Why is this so controversial? Reported here, January 9, 2010. “‚ÄúThis is a stunningRead More

Martha Coakley Takes Money From Health Insurance Lobbyists, MA Republican Party ad video, Coakley ties to drug companies, Coakley fundraiser Washington DC, Health care lobbyists, Martha Coakley smear campaign, Health Care Bill

The MA Republican Party has a new video out accusing Martha Coakley of taking money from health insurance lobbyists. “Martha Coakley says she holds health insurers accountable, then one day later, takes money from the very same health insurance lobbyists at a Washington fundraiser.” [youtube=] Was this a fair portrayal of Coakley’s ties to lobbyists and drug companies? You decide. From the Washington Examiner, January 8, 2010. “Coakley in trouble? Pharma and HMO lobbyists to the rescue” “With Democrat Martha Coakley in trouble in the Massachusetts special election to fillRead More