Sarah Palin, Obama birth certificate, AOL poll, 67% fair to question Obama birth certificate, US Constitution, Natural Born Citizen, Obama thugs attack

An artcle by Steve Pendlebury written December 4, 2009 was featured on AOL and the following poll question presented.

Do you think it’s fair to question President Obama’s citizenship?
Of course that is not the real question. The real question is Obama’s natural born citizen status and why he has avoided presenting any records to substantiate his eligibility.
67% of those responding indicated yes.
The bigger story here is the cowardly, leftist, Orwellian attacks upon Sarah Palin, concerned Americans and the US Constitution. Consider the following exerpts, typical of the Obama camp over the past several years.
“The Point: Sarah Palin Flirts With Birthers”

“”Sarah Palin is blowing the birther dog whistle. You’ll never see a better demonstration of political cynicism mixed with blinding stupidity,” Charles Johnson wrote on Little Green Footballs. Johnson recently made waves in the blogosphere by splitting from the right wing over, among other things, its support of conspiracy theories.”

“”So to Palin if one group of radicals makes bold accusations with no proof it is acceptable for her to make equally bold accusations against the other side,” Ryan Witt charged on”

“On Daily Kos, Jed Lewison called Palin “a neverending fountain of crazy” and said her remarks about Obama’s birth certificate were a gift for Democrats looking ahead to the 2012 election.”

Everytime someone questions their Messiah, Obama, these bottom feeders crawl out from under their rocks and begin their vicious attacks. The level of some of these smear campaigns leads one to the obvious conclusion that this is not just an ideological front, but a well orchestrated effort emanating from the Obama camp and Obama Administration.

Come after me you low lifes for a battle of wits and facts. But, alas, I would be attacking unarmed opponents.

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