Thursday, May 14th, 2009


EPA CO2 report, OMB memo, White House memo, Senator John Barrasso, smoking gun, Office of Management and Budget, OMB, dubious assumptions, negative economic impact, EPA administrator Lisa Jackson, accusing the EPA of making the finding for political reasons

“Leaked OMB CO2 memo: “no demonstrated direct health effects”” “All is not well in CO2 regulation land. You may have heard about a leaked memo from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) that questions the EPA findings on CO2 being a “threat to human health”.” “It has some strong language about the negative impact EPA regulation of CO2 would have on the U.S. economy.” ““Making the decision to regulate CO2…is likely to have serious economic consequences for regulated entities throughout the U.S. economy, including small businesses and small communities,””Read More

NC Grand Jury Indictment of Obama, update, May 14, 2009, media attention, Observer News Enterprise in Newton, NC, Media and Congress will be accountable

I was born and raised in NC and though I have traveled over much of the US and some abroad, I have lived in NC all of my life. NC is a great state and I was always proud of it until this last election cycle. People known for having common sense and voting their conscience, regardless of political affiliation, lost their compass and like their counterparts in Nazi Germany, were mesmerized into voting for “change” and a candidate they knew little about. The veil covering reality has been partiallyRead More

NC State Tea Party, June 3, 2009, Raleigh, North Carolina, Halifax Mall, General Assembly Building, Legislative Office Building, Take Back Our State Tea Party

I just received this in an email about a statewide Tea Party in North Carolina in Raleigh, NC on June 3, 2009. The Take Back Our State Tea Party  will be held from 4:30 – 7:30 PM at the Halifax Mall which is behind the General Assembly Building and beside the Legislative Office Building. Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbachr will be one of the speakers.   Americans for Prosperity and the Take Back Our State Coalition encourages you to make your voice heard at the Take Back Our State Tea Party ARead More

H1N1 flu update, May 14, 2009, CDC, Pregnant women risks, population has little to no immunity, Mutations, risk that the viruses will exchange genetic material and get worse

Here is the latest report from the CDC. Three aspects of the H1N1 flu strike me as significant. “The population has little to no immunity against it.” “Pregnant women are at higher risk of complications of influenza.” “We are also seeing some severe complications among pregnant women in this year’s novel H1N1 virus problem” “I think that the H1N1 virus that we’re dealing with is novel, and so, we don’t think pregnant women have ever seen this before or would be protected from it from years past.” “Unfortunately, reassortment happens.Read More

NC Grand Jury indictment of Obama, Walter Fitzpatrick complaint, American Grand Jury, Obama not eligible, Obama British citizen, Obama has committed treason

 I received the following email this morning: “On May 9, 2009, the American Grand Jury met and, after reviewing the evidence presented, indicted Barak Obama, aka Barry Soetoro for fraud and treason.  Wednesday, May 13, 2009, the indictment was filed with the Clerk of Court, Catawba County, NC (file #09R81) and a copy of the indictment was sent by Certified Mail to District Attorney James C. Gaither (NC District 25B), for further action according to his Oath of Office.”  Here is the indictment: Presentments:  American Grand Jury           MAYRead More