Monday, February 2nd, 2009


2009 Stimulus Bill, February 2, 2009,, House passed, Senate to vote, Senate Contact Information, Call the Senate Switchboard NOW

From Family Security Matters regarding the 2009 Stimulus Bill before the Senate: February 2, 2009   The house has passed the Stimulus Bill The vote was as follows: Nays (Against Bill):  Democratic   11     Republican   177 Yeas (Supported Bill): Democratic  244      Republican     0    This bill is now going to the U.S. Senate Call the Senate Switchboard NOW !                 (202) 224-3121        Additional Senate Contact Information: Click Here   Not sure what is in this Bill? Do you want to post your comments to our FSM blog about this bill? Take our quickRead More

Leo C Donofrio, Obama, Natural Born Citizen issue, February 1, 2009, SCOTUS, US Supreme Court, Donofrio steps away from POTUS eligibility issue,,Military, disobey orders, I have absolutely NO faith in the US legal system

Leo C Donofrio’s latest statement on Obama, eligibility, US Legal system and the military obeying orders: “TRUCE. Posted in Uncategorized on February 1, 2009 by naturalborncitizen I have seen some really sick comments posted recently which encouraged the military to disobey orders.   That is wrong.  I strongly suggest that all active military step back and refrain in any way from taking advice over the Internet on a matter of this importance.  Consult with your family attorney or a JAG advocate.  This is my final statement on the matter.  I passRead More