Wednesday, November 12th, 2008


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To: Justice Souter Justice Thomas US Supreme Court Federal Judges State judges State election officials Electoral College Electors       US Citizens The US Constitution must be upheld US citizens have the right, the power and the duty to require proof of eligibilty of presidential candidates What I am about to write is so inherently simple and self evident, that it may appear on the surface to be implausible. However, the following facts and arguments flow from the founding fathers’ wisdom and desire to protect the American citizens from tyrrany. I haveRead More

Leo C. Donofrio, Obama not eligible, US Supreme Court, New Jersey lawsuit, Secretary of State, Nina Mitchell Wells, Constitutional duty, Justice Souter, Justice Thomas

Leo C. Donofrio, a retired attorney in New Jersey, has an appeal before the US Supreme Court. The appeal is the result of a lawsuit filed against the New Jersey Secretary of State, Nina Mitchell Wells. The lawsuit states that Ms. Wells did not adequately perform her statutory duty to ensure the integrity of ballots and the electoral process for the November 4th, 2008 election. Mr. Donofrio presented the facts regarding the case on Tuesday, November 12, 2008. Below is an exerpt that reveals the experience Mr. Donofrio had withRead More