Monday, October 27th, 2008


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“In late December 1783, when General Washington resigned as commander in chief, he visited the Continental Congress for the last time…. General Washington read a brief statement praising the officers and soldiers of the Continental Army for their eight years of service. He also commended “our dear country to the protection of Almighty God.” As he said these words, his voice broke and tears streamed down the general’s cheeks and he was unable to speak for a full minute.” From “Washington’s Secret War” by Thomas Fleming “The collective wisdom ofRead More

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From the Zach Jones Blog:  “Philip Berg, Esq. is Standing Tall For All of Us (Even Without The Blessings of the Lower Court) I for one would like to say thank you Mr. Berg! Dear Sir: I want to publicly extend my deepest appreciation to you, Mr. Berg, for taking on the enormous Constitutional crisis that is facing America; the possibility that a person who might not be eligible, under the requirements set forth in our Constitution, to hold the office for which he is being allowed to run. IfRead More