Thursday, October 16th, 2008


Larry Sinclair, Bill Clinton rally, Cleveland Ohio, Strawbridge Plaza, Mall, October 16, 2008, Obama, Sinclair brings banners

Live video of rally: Larry Sinclair just called to say he is attending a Bill Clinton rally in Cleveland ¬†Ohio for Barack Obama. Here is an article from The Cleveland Leader: “Former President Bill Clinton will be making a return trip to Ohio today to campaign on behalf of Sen. Barack Obama, the Democratic candidate for the presidency. Clinton will make stops in both Cleveland and Columbus. Clinton will hold a rally in Cleveland at Strawbridge Plaza, Mall C on Lakeside Ave. Gates will open at 4:00pm. It’s freeRead More

Obama and McCain debate, October 15, 2008, Obama lies, Obama and Acorn, Truth about Acorn, Obama socialist, Acorn ties to socialist parties, Community organizers use poor for political agenda

John McCain is an honorable man who has a long history of serving his country and fighting for what is right. As John McCain stated last night, Obama is eloquent and has a dubious record. A large part of Obama’s record is tied to Acorn, the corrupt organization that is deeply involved in voter fraud. Do you want an eloquent speaker that panders to groups wanting government handouts and constantly lies? Once again last night, Obama lied about his involvement with Acorn. John McCain, the decent man and statesmam, broughtRead More