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Jerome Corsi was supposed to be interviewed on Hannity and Colmes last
night, Monday, October 13, 2008. Yesterday, World Net Daily, a website
that Mr. Corsi is a regular contributor on, announced that Mr. Corsi
was very ill from his experience in Kenya and his deportation. Last
night, Jerome Corsi was interviewed on the MommaE radio show. I am told
that he called in from his bed.

Jerome Corsi, when interviewed on Hannity and Colmes, will, I am certain,
provide a compelling story of his experience in Kenya and further proof
of Obama’s involvement in Kenyan politics as as well as evidence Obama violated the Logan Act. However, we do not have to see Mr. Corsi to examine the facts:

Barack Obama visited Kenya in 2006, campaigned with his cousin Raila
Odinga and the ODM party and was criticized by the Kenyan Government
for interfering in Kenyan affairs.

Jerome Corsi devoted a chapter in his book, “Obama Nation” to Obama and
the Kenya connection.

Jerome Corsi recently visited Kenya and was deported by the Kenyan
Government. Mr. Corsi returned with emails exchanged between Obama’s
senate office and Raila Odinga.

Jerome Corsi also returned with verification of a ODM election strategy
document. The strategies outlined in the ODM document are strikingly
similar to those employed by the Obama camp.

The ODM election strategy document contains the following:

  1. The class issue – “elevate the emotions within all youth….be willing to vote for us in the protest.”
  2. The media – “Since 2005, the Orange team has maintained intimate contacts across all media.” “victory in the media war could very well mean victory at the polls.”
  3. Viral emails
  4. Blogs/web forums
  5. Corruption – “Branding the opponent as irredeemably corrupt will provide diversionary slavos” (Note diversionary tactic)
  6. The age issue – “Our core supporters are essentially young people”
    “billboards and leaflets ridiculing the old people
    Raila with young people – the promise of a buoyant future.”
    (Note “ridiculing old people” This blog wrote about this when the Obama camp ridiculed Mccain in the video about emails)
  7. Ethnic Tensions/Violence as a last resort – “To discourage voter participation in hostile areas.” “Use ODM agents on the ground to engineer ethnic tensions in target areas.” (Note threat of race riots in this country)

Jerome Corsi gave the following interviews shortly after being deported by the Kenyan Government:

Sean Hannity Radio Show


Laurie Roth Radio Show

Laurie Roth Jerome Corsi interview Oct 9, 2008

Here is a video of Obama and Raila Odinga campaigning together in Kenya in 2006:


View the entire ODM document

Obama violates the Logan Act

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