Friday, September 26th, 2008


McCain Obama debate, Oxford MS, September 26, 2008, Foreign Policy, Economy, Bailout, Philip J Berg, Obama not qualified, Obama not citizen, Obama Kenyan, Obama Indonesian, Why is Obama allowed to debate?

Obama, who may be indicted for corruption any day and is not a citizen of the US, is debating John McCain tonight in Oxford Mississippi. Why was Obama ramroded through the Democratic Convention and given the nomination when he is not qualified to be president. Obama had the chance to produce a vault version of a COLB, but instead filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit from Philip J Berg. John McCain presented a vault COLB. Foreign policy, the economy and the bailouts are certainly important topics and worthy ofRead More

Obama Press Office, Larry Sinclair, Citizen Wells, Anti Larry Sinclair, blogger, Journalists, Philip J Berg lawsuit, Thought Police, 1984, Sinclair YouTube video, Obama camp recruiting attackers

Pre Obama camp, Thought Police Journalist definition: a person engaged in journalism; a writer or editor for a news medium; a writer who aims at a mass audience Obama camp, “1984” definition of Journalist: One who does not question Obama Larry Sinclair has come full circle with the Obama camp. In 2007, Mr. Sinclair made multiple attempts to contact the Obama Campaign regarding his drug and sex encounter with Obama in November 1999. Larry Sinclair, after no response from the Obama camp, produced a YouTube video in January 2008. InRead More