Obama, King of lies, diversions and deception, The View, Joy Behar, Politico blog, Politico reports lies, Personal attacks Hallmark of Obama camp

How does one talk about Obama without being negative?

Should we make ties to crime, corruption, anti Americanism,
anti semitism, terrorists, and constant lies positives?

Politico.com, the same blog that reported lies about Larry Sinclair
before, during and after his arrest at the National Press Club,
has the audacity to post an article questioning John McCain’s
honesty and uses “The View” as a source for the argument. Joy Behar
is quoted as saying “They’re lies,” in reference to comments made by the McCain campaign. This comes from a group of people that would
not know the truth if it bit them on the ass.

Most of the women on “The View” clearly have a left wing agenda
and if Politico is not being paid by the Obama camp, you wouldn’t
know it. Think about it, Obama, the most documented liar that
has ever run for office (this includes court testimony) is given a
free ride and John McCain, who is known for his integrity and sense
of fairness, is being attacked. No surprise. That is the hallmark
of the Obama campaign and Politico and “The View” are an integral
part of the Obama Campaign. Here are some exerpts from the Politico

“Why McCain is going so negative, so often
By JONATHAN MARTIN | 9/13/08 7:10 AM EST”

“John McCain has essentially claimed he’s savaged Obama because the Illinois senator wouldn’t agree to the series of town hall meetings McCain proposed.”

“It’s hard to imagine a more unlikely perch for John McCain to be shamed for his increasingly hard-edged and truth-stretching campaign than the middle seat on “The View.”

Yet on Friday morning, there sat the Republican nominee – a politician who has built an all but saintly reputation for “straight talk” over the years – caught in a vise between Joy Behar and Barbara Walters and getting a lecture from each on honesty.

“They’re lies,” Behar said of two recent lines of attack from the McCain campaign”

“McCain’s tactics are drawing the scorn of many in the media and organizations tasked with fact-checking the truthfulness of campaigns. In recent weeks, Team McCain has been described as dishonorable, disingenuous and downright cynical.”

“The negative and often exaggerated or misleading claims being made about Obama and Delaware Sen. Joe Biden, especially those playing on Palin’s gender, are just too irresistible for the process-consumed online and cable news media that now drives the campaign conversation, Weaver said.”

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So, to sum this up, Obama lies, attacks, has more baggage that a 747 and if anyone questions that, they are attacking or telling lies?

Does that make sense to you?

Boycott the sponsors of “The View”. Send a message you do not approve of their tactics.

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