Saturday, September 13th, 2008


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John and Cindy McCain were recently on “The View” and treated poorly. Most of those on “The View” are obviously in bed with Obama. Joy Behar spoke of lies coming from the McCain campaign. That is in line with the standard Obama camp approach of personal attacks on anyone asking questions of their messiah Obama. Larry Sinclair has put up a post in the form of a letter asking Whoopi Goldberg, “what happened to the independent, fair minded, and no BS woman I got to know and admire?” Here isRead More

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**************  See Update Below  **************** Noquarter USA has posted another great article. This article is about the Obama camp producing a video mocking John McCain for his inability to write emails. John McCain has trouble typing emails due to being tortured as a prisoner of war. Character is always revealed. Here are exerpts from the article: “The Obama Campaign May Have Finished Itself Off Permanently — Through Utter Cruelty [Update] By SusanUnPCclose” “Today, the Obama campaign launched a smart-alecky ad mocking John McCain’s age and inability to keep up withRead More

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How does one talk about Obama without being negative? Should we make ties to crime, corruption, anti Americanism, anti semitism, terrorists, and constant lies positives?, the same blog that reported lies about Larry Sinclair before, during and after his arrest at the National Press Club, has the audacity to post an article questioning John McCain’s honesty and uses “The View” as a source for the argument. Joy Behar is quoted as saying “They’re lies,” in reference to comments made by the McCain campaign. This comes from a group ofRead More