Saturday, September 6th, 2008


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” Make no mistake about it: “change” was always Alinsky’s code word for creating a socialist revolution, even if the methodology meant radicals would cut their hair, put on business suits, and run for political office. Alinsky taught organizers to hide their true intentions in the words they spoke. Denying the truth or just plain lying were both acceptable tactics, as long as the cause was advanced.” The Obama Nation by Jerome Corsi I was urged to write this article by several commenters on this blog. This is an importantRead More

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“The chickens are coming home to roost” My next article was going to be about Obama’s early days as a community organizer. Kinda conjures up an image of supreme sacrifice, doesn’t it. However, after doing a little research, a different picture emerges. The beautiful pictures painted in Obama’s books become tarnished. Michelle Malkin, who has researched Obama’s long time ties to Acorn and Annenberg, has written a powerful article, destroying the myth perpetrated by the Obama camp. Here are some exerpts: “September 05, 2008 Why Obama’s “Community Organizer” Days AreRead More

Palin is absolutely correct, Chicago tribune, September 6, 2008, Decent article, Thank you Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Tribune has a┬ánew article that echoes what most of us have been thinking. The article came out today, Saturday, ┬áSeptember 6, 2008. Here are some exerpts: “Palin is absolutely correct” “First of all, it’s preposterous to suggest that Palin is or was a bad parent simply because her daughter got pregnant outside of marriage. I can’t imagine Palin has in any way encouraged her children to engage in risky and illicit behavior, and she certainly doesn’t encourage teenagers in general to do so. Granted, her daughter used poorRead More