Friday, September 5th, 2008


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There is a Youtube video that tells the story of Larry Sinclair’s arrest after his news conference at the National Press Club in June 2008. This video reveals the corruption within the Obama and Biden camps. Larry Sinclair was arrested on a fabricated warrant from Delaware and the office of Attorney General Biden. Larry Sinclair was treated like a political prisoner in the United States. Is this the kind of change you want, Nazi Germany revisited? Watch this video. It will shock you. [youtube=] Read more from Larry Sinclair here: http://larrysinclairbarackobama.comRead More

Delaware Joe Biden controversy, Larry Sinclair Political Prisoner, Fabricated Warrant Dismissed, Bidens caught, Evidence contrived, New Information

I spoke to Larry Sinclair over an hour ago. He discovered that the so called fake money orders that were the basis for the fabricated warrant on him by Delaware Attorney General Biden, were received by Delaware on August 24, 2008. The warrant from Attorney General Biden’s office was issued on February 4, 2008, just a few weeks after Sinclair went public with his allegations of a drug and sex encounter with Obama in November 1999.  The warrant on Larry Sinclair from the State of Delaware was dismissed last week.Read More

McCain speech breaks record, McCain beats Obama, McCain exceeds Palin audience, RNC speech, record 38.9 million television viewers

John McCain’s speech last night, Sept 4, 2008, at the Republican National Convention, attracted a record 38.9 million television viewers. McCain’s viewership exceeded that of Obama and Palin. Here are exerpts from a Bloomberg article: “McCain Draws Record TV Audience for Convention Speech (Update1) By Andy Fixmer  Sept. 5 (Bloomberg) — Republican presidential candidate John McCain attracted a record 38.9 million television viewers to his acceptance speech last night, surpassing Democratic rival Barack Obama and McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin.” “The last night of the Republican gathering in St. Paul,Read More

Delaware Journal Online, Larry Sinclair warrant, Update, No retraction, Larry Sinclair contacted Delaware Journal

The Delaware News Journal Online has published an article about the Delaware warrant against Larry Sinclair being dismissed. The Delaware Journal has not printed a retraction of their earlier article that Larry Sinclair emphatically states is false. Sinclair spoke to Greg Burton of the Delaware Journal who states that they were sticking to their original story and that they spoke to someone from the Delaware State Police. Here are exerpts from the article: “Anti-Obama blogger faces no felony charge Staff report • September 5, 2008″ “Charges against a Barack ObamaRead More

Larry Sinclair, St Paul, Thursday, Sept 4, 2008, Photos, report, Larry Sinclair story, Obama encounter, November 1999, Drugs sex

Here are photos from Larry Sinclair for Thursday, Sept 4, 2008, in St Paul. Sinclair passed out 500 information cards and spoke to many people including RNC delegates and members of foreign and US press. Thursday, September 4, 2008 MORE FROM ST. PAUL TODAY Read more from Larry Sinclair here: