Tuesday, August 26th, 2008


Larry Sinclair going to trial in Delaware, Delaware Deputy Attorney General Susan Dwyer, Money orders, Fake emails, Abuse of power, Joe Biden, Attorney General Biden

Larry Sinclair has a new post up and he states he is going to trial in Delaware. Here is the Larry Sinclair article: “Tuesday, August 26, 2008 ITS OFFICIAL WE ARE GOING TO TRIAL IN DELAWARE DECISION TO GO TO TRIAL BY DELAWARE ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE MADE BASED ON OBAMA/BIDEN BLOGOIDIOTS EMAILS AND PHONE CALLS, NOT DELAWARE LAW. After Delaware Deputy Attorney General Susan Dwyer and her supervisor falsely accused me and my supporters of sending her threatening and harassing emails, she (Dwyer) has finally provide to the defense copiesRead More

Larry Sinclair, blogtalkradio, Larry Sinclair radio show, Debut, August 26, 2008, blogtalkradio.com/larry-sinclair, 10 pm Central time, 11 pm Eastern, 9 pm Mountain and 8 pm Pacific

Larry Sinclair has a new blogtalkradio show and it premiers tonight, August 26, 2008. Larry Sinclair will describe how he first met Barack Obama in November 1999 and the details of their drug and sex encounter. Here is Larry Sinclair’s announcement: “Tuesday, August 26, 2008 Radio Debut This Evening While Monna E debuts NOW Good afternoon everyone. I wanted to post a quick reminder to please listen to the DEBUT of my NEW Blogtalk Radio program to air live this evening at 10 pm Central time, 11 pm Eastern, 9Read More

Joe Biden, Tony Rezko, Joseph Cari, Keith Stoltz, Stoltz Real Estate, Rezko helped Obama, Keith Stoltz helped Biden?

It is common knowledge that Tony Rezko, convicted of multiple counts of corruption in Chicago, helped Obama buy his mansion in Chicago. It is now known that Joe Biden has connections to Joseph Cari and Tony Rezko. Did real estate developer and campaign funder, Keith Stoltz, help Joe Biden buy his house on over 4 acres? We are not accusing Joe Biden or Keith Stoltz of any impropriety. However we have facts about the transactions that do look very suspect. Consider the following: The property was purchased by  Stephan J IIIRead More

Biden Tied to Rezko Fraud Figure, ABC News, Obama, Rezko, Biden, Joseph Cari, Biden Campaign Advisor, Fundraiser, Chicago lawyer, More Chicago corruption in Obama team

“Birds of a feather, flock together.” “The Chickens are coming home to roost.” Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better. Just when you thought the height of lies, deception and corruption had been achieved. Along comes another tie to Tony Rezko and crime and corruption in Chicago and Illinois. We have a balanced ticket in Obama and Biden. They both have ties to Tony Rezko and Joseph Cari. ABC News has a new article about Joe Biden and his ties to Joseph Cari and Tony rezko. Here areRead More