Tuesday, August 19th, 2008


Fox news, Obama special, Fluff piece, Failed to mention Islamic training, Contact Fox, Complain, Fox has failed us

I was just watching the Fox news special on Barack Obama. They mentioned Obama attending a Catholic school, showed the rebuttal on the Obama site about Obama receiving Islamic instruction and failed to mention Obama attending a public school for 2 years. In Public school Obama received Muslim education including studying the Koran. Obama was considered to be a Muslim in Indonesia. Contact Fox News and let them know what you think. ****************   UPDATE   ******************** As`I continue to watch this show I become more nauseated! Fox, how much were youRead More

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“Barack Obama is the most pro abortion candidate ever.” Terence P. Jeffrey “But, he argues, we cannot legally recognize them as “persons.” Because if we do, then somewhere down the road it might threaten someone’s right to an abortion.” David Freddoso on Obama History can and does repeat itself. The evil capacity of humans passes from generation to generation. Left unchecked, this evil can grow to levels experienced before in history. This blog has produced multiple articles about the similarities between the Obama Campaign and Nazi Germany. There is anotherRead More