Monday, August 4th, 2008


Larry Sinclair alive, Sinclair death false alarm, Sinclair not murdered, freedomeagle88 false article

I spoke to Larry Sinclair on Sunday, August 3, 2008 and this morning. Larry Sinclair is alive. The blog, freedomeagle88, posted an article yesterday and stated that Larry Sinclair was found murdered. Another article on this blog lists deaths that are linked to Obama’s past associations. Here is the article:

Larry Sinclair, Delaware warrant, Rodeway Inn, Sonny Patel, Attorney General Biden, Warrant fabricated, What really happened in Delaware

Larry Sinclair has revealed the details of what really happened in Delaware last year regarding his stay at the Rodeway Inn and transactions with the motel manager, Sonny Patel. A warrant issued out of the office of Delaware Attorney General Biden, was fabricated just a few weeks after Larry Sinclair came out with a YouTube video with allegations of drug use with Obama in November 1999. When you read Larry Sinclair’s facts consider the following: After Sinclair was arrested after the New Conference at the National Press Club, more lies and smearsRead More

Obama fake birth certificate, TexasDarlin, Techdude report, analysis, Certificate of Live Birth, COLB, Fake, Obama website fake, KOS images analyzed

Texas Darlin has a new article out revealing the analysis of the KOS birth certificate, the same birth certificate that was on the official Obama website. Techdude analyzed the KOS image and determined it was created from an original that belongs to a female. Here are some exerpts from this breaking news story: “Foreword by TexasDarlin: Techdude’s latest report, written exclusively for the TexasDarlin blog, is mind-blowing. This report responds to critics; solves the “security border” mystery; AND exposes THE SMOKING GUN that will be conclusive in proving that the CertificateRead More