Thursday, July 24th, 2008


Barack Obama Illinois Bar application, Obama lied?, Obama provided false information, IL bar application, Bar Complaint filed, Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission, Chicago, Illinois 60601

Did Barack Obama provide false information on his Illinois Bar Application in 1991? Obama has admitted to drug use and and had oustanding fines of $ 400 due in 1991. Apparently a complaint has been filed with the Illinois Bar alleging that Barack Obama did not provide accurate information on his application. The complaint was mailed to: Kenneth G. Jablonski, Clerk Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission One Prudential Plaza, 130 East Randolph Drive, Suite 1100 Chicago, Illinois 60601-6219 RE: Barack Hussein Obama, Esquire Admitted December 17, 1991 Rec # 358694732Read More

Obama in Germany, Ich bin ein shiester, Haben zie cocaine, Wo ist der limo, Wo ist Larry Sinclair

Obama visits Germany. Ich bin ein shiester. Haben zie cocaine? Wo ist der limo? Wo ist Larry Sinclair?

Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis, DC law firm, Larry Sinclair, James Barry, 202-449-9737,, Larry Sinclair update, "HARRIS, WILTSHIRE & GRANNIS: OBAMA FUND RAISERS AND THUGS?"

Larry Sinclair has provided an update to the controversy surrounding attacks made on him and contact from James Barry. The telephone number that James Barry called from, when dialed, was answered by the office of DC law firm Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis. Sinclair was contacted by William Wiltshire, a partner in the firm. Wiltshire denied that the telephone number, 202-449-9737, was associated with his law firm.¬†Here is the latest from Larry Sinlclair on this story: ¬† “HARRIS, WILTSHIRE & GRANNIS: OBAMA FUND RAISERS AND THUGS? Posted by Larry Sinclair onRead More