Monday, July 14th, 2008


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Is Obama elligible to be president? Was Obama born in Kenya or Hawaii? Is the birth certificate supplied by the Obama camp valid? Apparently not! Andy Martin has a new book out and a news conference in New York, today, July 14, 2008. Andy states in his new book that Obama is illigitimate and that Obama has been lying to the American people. Here are some exerpts from Andy Martin’s blog: “(NEW YORK)(July 14, 2008)Legendary Chicago Internet columnist and Obama author Andy Martin will hold a New York news conferenceRead More

Barack Obama & His Supporters & Surrogates Need To Face The Truth, Posted on Larry Sinclair's blog July 14th, 2008

Here is the latest post from Larry Sinclair on his new website blog: “Barack Obama & His Supporters & Surrogates Need To Face The Truth Posted by Larry Sinclair on July 14th, 2008 The Sun is Slowly Setting On Obama for America We are now on a non-Wordpress server so WP can no longer harass and hassle this blog at the request and behest of Obama for America or the Obama Blogonuts. It is time for Barack Obama and his supporters to face and acknowledge the truth.  Instead Obama byRead More, Larry Sinclair, Sinclair moves blog,, Matt Mullenweg, WordPress, no response to attacks, smears, What is WordPress position?

Larry Sinclair has moved his blog from WordPress to his own website. Sinclair’s former blog on WordPress was: Larry Sinclair’s new blog on his website is: Prior to leaving WordPress, Larry Sinclair and those following his story were subjected to personal attacks, death threats and public display of private information. Some of these attacks and violations of law came from other WordPress blogs. Larry Sinclair and other bloggers have reported some of the worst of these violators. I have reported the worst WordPress violator several times. This violatorRead More