Friday, July 11th, 2008


WordPress Larry Sinclair blog, WordPress blog, Larry Sinclair shut down by WordPress, Matt Mullenweg notified of issues, attacks, smears, Sinclair persecuted

Larry Sinclair contacted me a few minutes ago and stated that WordPress has shut down his blog. Within the past week, I sent an email to Matt Mullenweg of WordPress, to inform him of what was happening with other bloggers violating the service agreement and the law. Matt Mullenweg has not gotten back with me. I have an IT background and I maintain a decent blog. It is in the best interest of WordPress and Mr. Mullenweg that he respond to my email or contact me. Larry Sinclair has madeRead More

Obama's $100,000 garden grant wasted, Obama corruption, Chicago Suntimes, July 11, 2008, Illinois state senator, $100,000 state grant, Obama and corrupt grants

Barack Obama is documented to have close ties to corruption and crime in Chicago and Illinois. The Tony Rezko trial revealed Obama’s close, long time ties to Rezko, Blagojevich, Stuart Levine and a host of dubious characters. Obama has also been documented to have been involved in securing grants from the state of Illinois for many projects that were suspect or tied to criminals. Obama and his former campaign manager, Dan Shomon, secured state grants for Robert Blackwell companies. Shomon, while campaign manager for Obama, worked for Blackwell. Robert Blackwell companies gaveRead More

Attorney General Biden and Delaware persecute Larry Sinclair, No preliminary hearing, Political prisoner, Bidens and Obama Camp try to silence Larry Sinclair, Delaware Online lies

I spoke to Larry Sinclair last night about the status of the warrant in Delaware, Attorney General Biden and the lies told about him in the Delaware Journal and Delaware Online. Sinclair elaborated about how his motel room was paid for and he commented on this blog and on his blog. Attorney General Biden, the state of Delaware, the press in Delaware and certainly the Obama Camp are going to a lot of time and expense attempting to silence Larry Sinclair. If you have been following this story you will rememberRead More