Tuesday, June 10th, 2008


Obama natural born citizen?, Obama’s birth certificate, Obama born in Kenya, Is Obama eligible to be president?

** Major Update August 2, 2009 ** Update here   Obama has been asked repeatedly to present a copy of his birth certificate. Obama has refused to supply a copy of his birth certificate. Is Obama eligible to be president? Was Obama born in Kenya? I have two powerful sources that indicate that Obama was born on Kenya. One is a reporter working behind the scenes. The other is from the following site. The headline is shown below and states: “Kenyan-born OBAMA makes history…wins presidential nomination.” http://www.usafricaonline.com/chido.obama08houston.html A poster onRead More

Hillary delegates, rumor, Hillary not released delegates, noquarterusa article, Mary Boergers, truth

The Obama Campaign continues to try to strong arm voters and delegates. There was a rumor at Taylor Marsh that Hillary was releasing her delegates. The rumor is false and noquarterusa has received an email from Mary Boergers, a former Maryland State Senator and a pledged Clinton delegate. Here is an exerpt from the the article: “One of the super delegates who was in London in fact complained about the strong arm pressure from the Obama campaign to immediately (last Friday before Hillary’s speech) switch their vote to Obama. SoRead More

Obama, Hitler, Reverend Manning, Hail Hitler, Hail Obama, Reverend Manning video, Obama supporters in trance, Hitler supporters in trance

The Reverend James Manning has a new video out. In this video, released today, Monday, June 9, 2008, Reverend Manning compares Obama to Adolf Hitler. I have posted several articles on this subject. God bless Reverend Manning for taking a stand. This is a must see video. Reverend Manning states that Obama supporters are in a trance just like Hitler supporters were in a trance. Here are the highlights of Reverend Manning’s video that was preached on June 7, 2008: Obama is the ambassador from hell. Obama supporters have likened ObamaRead More