Thursday, May 1st, 2008


Obama campaign, Contributions by employer, Filed 04/20/2008, Interesting donations, NOT EMPLOYED $ 4,960,729.04

Want some interesting reading? Visit the election campaign donations site. Some of the companies/institutions donating are quite interesting. Take for example, the listing: Contributions by employer OBAMA FOR AMERICA       PO Box 8102       Chicago, Illinois   60680 NOTE: Address IS Different than previously reported FEC Committee ID #: C00431445 This report contains activity for a Primary Election Report type: April Monthly NOT EMPLOYED  $  4,960,729.04 Filed 04/20/2008 Several people on a blog recently were questioning how a student could donate thousands of dollars. Lots of donations that I viewed lookedRead More

Robert Blackwell, Obama, Killerspin, EKI consulting, Obama campaign donations


Elie Maloof, Obama, Rezko trial, Blagojevich, Chicago corruption, straw political contribution

Another mention of Obama in the Tony rezko trial. Another mention of Obama in the midst of corruption in Chicago. Former Rezko business associate Elie Maloof made a straw political contribution to Obama on Rezko’s behalf. Here are some exerpts from the trial on April 28, 2008: “Former Rezko business associate Elie Maloof is testifying about a conversation he had with Rezko in February 2005 after Maloof received a grand jury subpoena. Maloof, who was involved in a Rezko business deal involving pizza franchises that led to a separate criminal caseRead More

Jeremiah Wright, Donald Young murder, Obama, Larry Sinclair, Rev. Wright: I ask you to do what Jesus would do!

Larry Sinclair is asking Jeremiah Wright this question: Rev. Wright: I ask you to do what Jesus would do! Here is Sinclair’s letter: May 1, 2008 Open Letter to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright: The Ship is Sailing Dear Rev. Wright: I am posting this open letter to you, to appeal to you, please DO WHAT JESUS WOULD DO, Tell the truth about Barack Obama. You and I both know that you did counsel Barack Obama in the fall of 2007 on how to best address my request to him toRead More

Obama down low, gay sex rumors, Larry Sinclair, Lessig, Chicago restaurant owner speaks out

There have been many rumors and allegations about Obama doing drugs and being on the down low. Larry Sinclair alleged that he and Obama used drugs and had a gay sex encounter in a limousine in November 1999. A friend of Obama, Lawrence Lessig, was a former University of Chicago associate and is a big Obama supporter and advisor. Lessig is openly gay and has a radical gay agenda. A former Chicago restaurant owner heard persistent rumors about Obama. Here is her story: As the Chicago-area chef and restaurateur mentionedRead More